Friday, May 02, 2008

Reasons why you should stay single

Let's say now you are not single ok.
and the tough and rough journey of non-single begins.

when you want to go hang out.

your friend says:
"I thought you'll rather go out with your boy boy?? don't want la, you go out with him la, later he'll angry me~~"

when you want to have a meal with someone.

your friend says:
"Want meh, you go and find your boy boy and eat together la, i don't want to be light bulb~~"

when you want to plan for a trip.

your friend says:
"call your boy boy come together with us !! ^^ both of you can stay in the same room, then no need to squeeze 1 room with us, and we also won't disturb you ppl ^^ "

when you want to go shopping.

you friend says:
"aiyorr~~ ask your boy boy go shopping with you la !! after all the clothes that you buy are the ones that you want to wear and show to him !! besides, he can pay for you !! XD "

when you feel down and want to have a chat with people.

your friend says:
"where is your boy boy?? you can't find him?? if you let him to comfort you is 10 times more effective than i stay here and listen to you lo actually~~"

when you are unhappy and you need a hug.

your friend says:
"you have your boy boy's hug and that is enough already, if i give you hug hug horr, later your boy boy will what what what me worr~~"

when you want to ride on your friend's car.

your friend says:
"ask your boy boy to fetch you la !! we singles are forced to squeeze together in 1 car but not you. "

when you don't understand why people forgot to invite you to somewhere.

your friend says:
"ooo, I thought that you will be with your boy boy at that time so i... ... sorry =p "

when you tell your friend that you like something.

your friend says:
"ask your boy boy to buy for you la !! XD "

when you try to comfort a friend that just broke up.

your friend says:
"go away !! you're not me, you still have your boy boy, you won't understand how i feel now... so get lost !! " (and continue cry cry cry... )

when you realize that the above mentioned are the truths and can hardly be changed.

(crying helplessly)"why i'm so unlucky~~ why i get to know you these kind of friends~~ oh god~~ tell me why please~~ " T0T

actually, it's easy to be explained.


when there is one day, you break up with your boy,
and turn to single again,
you'll hold your cellphone in your hand,
but you don't know who else can you call to.


BEAN said...

I know.
Thats really annoying.
LOL. It`s pity that you got friends like that.
I think ur friends are jealous or mayb desperate for a boy.

C K said...

Being a guy, I'm not in a very good position to comment on that. :)

But it's true; once I'm hitched it's really difficult to meet up with my buddies. But hey, no complaints here really. :p

zhengdhong said...

yea, you do have a point there. single life rawks XD

Shera said...

Heyy nice post. agree to whatever uve written! and ur blog is pinnkkk! nicenice! lol. btw, NANGED!

VIVIAN said...

Yep, i agree with you. It's frustrating that they always get the wrong idea!

JuLJuL said...

Well, there are pros and cons being in a relationship. Nothing is perfect. Friends who don't stick by you and don't appreciate you are useless.

cs said...

ya..i agree with what u've written. But from the perspective of a single, sometimes i really don't feel like wana hang out with some of the non-single.

either they are bz with their phone when they come out, or they keep on rejecting invitations. After a few times, normally wouldn't ask them join again. But of course, not every non-single, just some of them

Simon Seow said...

And I've been wondering why I'm still single.

hufflepuff said...

yup. can't agree more with you. sometimes i do not really understand why friends will say such things. these are really "so-called" friends.

i had my share of such friends back in college. they were pretty mean and terrible, till the point that they actually boycotted me. but whatever it is, know that someday you will find true friends who will not say such discouraging remarks. *hugs*

hope all is well for you and keith.

minnymin said...


haha~~ but not all friends are like this luckily~~^^

c k:

haha, but i think it's still ok, cuz some boys will cancel their date wit gf to meet up wit their own buddies~~ so it's not a big prob for boys ^^


single life rocks !! XD


thanks !! pink lovers also rock !! XD hoho~~


and they won't accept it even after you explained to them after that... =p


agree, glad that in this way i can differentiate among my friends~


yes, i can even see some of them that cancel date with their lovers just to be with friends !!

simon seow:

should appreciate your wonderful life now~~ XD


thanks~ *hug back*
we share the same experience...
at least i get to know who is true friend to me like this =)

ahpaul said...

hi, i think you are cute... ^^

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